Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How to Write a Dissertation?

The basic objective of a dissertation or a thesis is to produce original work on a specific topic of interest/ research. It begin at the undergraduate study level where a student is suggested to write a paper on a specific topic including his or her own research. It may probably be the most lengthy and difficult piece of work which a student accomplishes in his or her educational time. The topic is selected by the student him or herself instead of getting a selected topic in case of assignment or an essay writing.
Dissertation writing includes many things; selecting a topic, finding the problem, writing a proposal, working on the solution, elaborating the solution, and writing a conclusion. Starting with the topic, it is the most important part of the research as once you have the topic, you have to work on it all along your research. The topic should be specific and well versed. Moreover, once the topic has been selected, the problem finding phase begins. In the problem finding phase, a researcher have to sort out the problem in the area of his or her research. The problem statement should not be vague and should be elaborated further in the hypothesis of the thesis.
Once the problem statement is determined, a working research proposal is written to be assessed by the supervisor for approval. Supervisor accesses the research proposal and make amendments as per requirement and then gives a go ahead to the student to further work on the problem and resolve for solutions. The solution can be sorted out in many ways; i.e. by reviewing old literature related to the problem, having a survey for the solution or even rooting out the solution by experiments (in case of scientific papers). 
The literature review is an important part of research paper, where a researcher/ student reads all possible existing papers on the defined topic and write a unique summary of the same. It is noteworthy that the student can summarise the research paper in his own words and cannot just simply copy the data from the existing literature. This literature reading and summarising helps the student/ researcher to make an opinion about the problem and leads its way to existing possible solutions. Once the literature review is done, the researcher continues on to the results and findings part where he or she exhibits the findings of their own research. This findings can be quantitative or qualitative (depending upon the approach a researcher has taken to resolve the paper). The results are to be clearly indicated and not to be copied from elsewhere and should be unique in idea.
At the end of the paper is the conclusion and recommendation part. This part have its own importance as it decides and provides apt decision form the results. It provides the opinion of researchers about the results and finding. In addition to it, the recommendation part provides the idea of student/ research about how he or she looks at the future of resolving the problem provided in the dissertation.

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